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Rajasthan Teen Designs Award Winning Glove to Give Molesters a 220V Shock. For Just Rs. 500!

Niranjan Suthar, a 17-year-old student from Rajasthan, has developed a device called ‘Shocking Glove’ for the protection of women. Weighing 150 grams, the glove is meant to be worn on the wrist and all a woman has to do is switch it on in case she senses any trouble.

The glove has been designed to give a 220-volt electric shock to a person who tries to molest a woman wearing it. It will also send the woman’s location, help messages and a video clip of the incident to the police.


Picture for representation only. Source: Wikimedia

The shock will render the molester unconscious for 10 minutes. The device has a SIM card, a GPS chip, a video camera, and a 3.4-volt battery. Additionally, there is a transformer that amplifies the 3.4 volt to 220 volt on contact. The battery can last for 20 days with 10 minutes of charging. And the best part is that Niranjan developed the glove with all these instalments in just Rs. 500. He told Hindustan Times that his parents provided him with all the required equipment and his school provided the platform to display the device.

Niranjan is a student of class 12 in Ahor Government Higher Secondary School in Jalore district of Rajasthan. He received the first price at the district level science, mathematics and environment fair at Jalore in October 2015 for the glove, and also at the 48th state-level science, mathematics and environment exhibition in Ajmer on January 21, 2016. That was when the device caught the state government’s attention and will now be displayed at the National Science Fair to be held in Delhi this March. A Delhi-based electronics firm has also approached Niranjan, asking for a model of the device for research and to see if it can be made into a usable consumer good.

The teenager loves working on electronic gadgets, and he learned all about the circuitry of this device through the Internet. Because of insufficient marks, he could not get admission into the science faculty at school, and had to take up arts instead.
“Every day there are so many cases of rape and molestation. Women do not feel safe anymore. Therefore, I have decided to make a device that provides protection to women and makes them feel that they are no longer vulnerable,” he told Catch News.

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