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MY VIEW: Tourist or Not, Here Are 7 Things You Must Do in India

MY VIEW: Tourist or Not, Here Are 7 Things You Must Do in India

Be prepared to see the unusual, in this land of cultures, religions, customs, and food.

There could be different reasons for traveling. A few do it to explore new landmarks on this beautiful planet, while others seek a refreshing break from their tedious lives. Whatever maybe the reason, one is sure to head into the ‘unexpected’. The unexpected is not necessarily annoying. While in India there could be many situations that look painful, they are sure to add to one’s travel memories. On a candid note, these experiences can also act as  eternal sources of entertainment for both oneself and others around.

In this land of varied languages, cultures, religions, customs, and food, be prepared to see the unusual. Here goes a list of things that one can’t afford to miss while in this country.

1. Taking a city taxi ride

mumbai taxi

Photo source: Wikimedia

As soon as you come out of the airport/railway station/bus depot, you’ll see a bunch of cab drivers waiting to drive you all the way to your destination. They are also the first people you’ll meet. Moreover, each time you step out of a place, you encounter them over and over again.

2. Bargaining with everyone


Photo source: Flickr/Cleavers 

Indians have a habit of never buying for the first price offered. We bargain over food, clothes, accessories, and what not. Especially while traveling, you can find yourself bargaining with the rickshaw drivers, and it’s surely worth experiencing. After all, when in India, do as the Indians do.

3. Eating at dhabas


Photo source: Flickr/Tahir Hashmi

Indians don’t rely on restaurants to meet their hunger, especially when driving on a highway. It is always a good idea to carry enough food with you. In order to satisfy your hunger, there are many dhabas located outside cities. A couple of chairs, tables, bright lights, and bamboos, mark the dhaba. You surely can’t miss the mouth-watering food here.

4. Taking a train journey


Photo source: Matt Paish

Train journeys can be the most amusing of all. In the span of a few hours, fellow passengers can become one’s family. People sitting next to you will talk to you, or else you can listen to them chatting with others. Each time they take out another box of food or purchase something to eat, you’ll be the first one to be offered the food. In most cases, they’ll make sure you take it. At each station, you’ll see more people flooding in and the TC doing all the running around. Apart from the people, food vendors will keep tempting you with soft drinks, tea, chips, pakodas, and other items. In short, a train journey is a different experience.

5. Riding on Indian Roads


Photo source: Flickr/Motographer

Just like trains, driving on an Indian road is a different experience altogether. At times, one can get stuck in a jam that extends over hours. And then there are the quiet roads, where you won’t even find a single soul. One can create all sorts of memories on Indian roads.

6. Visiting a pilgrimage centre

4749956619_2e27c89dae_o (1)

Photo source: vaticanus

The spiritual side of India will move you in ways you can never have imagined. Watching hundreds of people turn up daily to show their devotion in their own unique ways is a moment to cherish. Many small shops surrounding the pilgrimage centre can provide you with the offerings to be made, pendants, and other objects closely associated with religion. The dynamics of the place is a thing to experience.

7. Wearing traditional Indian clothes

woman sareee

Photo source:

This is the most fun thing to do. Like all other things, Indians have a lovely collection of clothes. Be it dhoti, salwar-kameez, saree, ghagra, or the mundu. My advice to you is to try them on. In addition to this, also try the food and take part in the festivals. Indians believe in the idea of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ (the guest is akin to God), and you’re sure to experience this tradition where you’ll be treated as family. After all, the best experience comes with the best people.

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