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How the PM Took Note of an 11-Year-Old Schoolboy’s Complaint about His Long Route to School

11-year-old Nayan Sinha wrote to the PM about how he and 200 other kids have to take the long route to school everyday since there is no railway crossing near their home. Two days ago he received a response.

About 200 kids studying in the Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh have to take the long route to school everyday — there is no railway crossing near their homes to help them cross the tracks safely.

But one of them, 11-year-old Nayan Sinha, decided he was not going to suffer the punishment he faced everyday at school for coming late because of this.

So last September, without telling anyone, he wrote to the Prime Minister, asking him to have a railway crossing or overbridge constructed where he and his friends could cross the tracks safely.


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“I had forgotten about the letter. Then, two days ago, my family received a letter from the divisional engineer, Northern Railways, mentioning my application sent to the Prime Minister,” Nayan told The Indian Express.

Apparently, his missive had prompted Prime Minister Modi to ask the Railways to intervene. But there was a hitch. A new railway policy dictates that all requests for railway crossings and overbridges have to come through state governments for the railway authorities to take any action.

However, given the direct intervention of the PM, it is expected that Nayan and his schoolmates will soon have their wish fulfilled.

“The railway track is about 100 metres from our house. Ever since the track came up, Nayan has to walk over two kilometres to reach the manned railway crossing at Rajepur, and then to school. Around 200 children from our colony take the same route. My son sent a letter to the Prime Minister requesting him to make arrangements for a railway crossing or overbridge on the railway track, which would reduce the distance between the colony and the school. It will not just help schoolchildren, but also the sick and elderly,” said Nayan’s father Ashutosh.

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