This Mumbai Woman Fought and Vanquished An Out-of-Control Drug Addict on a Local Train

Sangeeta Dubey rescued a woman from the clutches of a drug addict aboard a Mumbai local train.

Sangeeta Dubey, a Mumbai resident, needs to be lauded for her bravery in saving another woman on a local train from the clutches of a drug addict on February 3.

Sangeeta boarded an afternoon train from Vasai Road, like she usually does, carrying official letters and files to the Government Railway Police office in Wadi Bunder. She was travelling second class.

A Mumbai local train
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There was a sudden commotion in the adjoining first class compartment, which is separated from the second class by floor to ceiling horizontal steel rods. Everyone in Sangeeta’s coach rushed to the partition to see what was happening. A drug addict had gotten into the first class compartment and was harassing the three women seated there. He had started stripping and had grabbed one of the women by her hair. The other two women were standing in a corner, unable to do anything to help, because they were frozen in horror.

The people in Sangeeta’s compartment started shouting and encouraging the woman who had been attacked to hit the drug addict and run close to the partition. Some tried to pull the chain of the train in order to stop it but nothing happened.

The woman was finally able to shake off the addict and run close to the partition. The man followed her, started tearing off her clothes and pinned her down.

But this was Sangeeta’s opportunity…she put her hands through the iron rods of the partition, grabbed the man and put him in a chokehold.

Steel rods act as partitions between compartments.
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“I managed to catch hold of his hair and pull him close to the partition,” she told Mumbai Mirror.

Another woman came to help her and they tried to tie the man to the rods with a scarf. However, since he was struggling heavily, they continued to hold on to him till the train halted in Andheri and other commuters and the Railway Police rushed to help them. Sangeeta suffered severe bruises on her arm.

A state level kabbadi player and national level karate player, Sangeeta has been appreciated for her bravery before as well by her employers at Government Railway Police, for helping nab a gang of bag-lifters. She is fondly referred to as Lady Singham by her 14-year-old son and 18-year-old daughter.

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