A Hairdresser in Gujarat Is Fighting Addiction Through Haircuts

Pravin Master, a resident of Gandhinagar, found a unique way to persuade people to give up alcohol and tobacco. This is how the 35-year-old hairdresser has turned his salon into a rehab centre for many of his customers.

Pravin Master, a resident of Gandhinagar, lost three friends to diseases caused by alcohol addiction. He wanted to help them but couldn’t do much because of his weak financial condition.

This loss motivated Pravin to take a unique step to persuade other people to give up alcohol and tobacco. A hairdresser by profession, he now offers free haircuts to addicted customers who promise they will quit smoking and drinking. Though Gujarat is a dry state, availability of illicit liquor claims many lives in the region.

Pravin came up with the idea two years ago. He also promises that if people don’t feel better three months after quitting alcohol or tobacco, he will pay for their addictions all his life.


Picture for representation only. Source: Sara Kolster/Flickr

According to this 35-year-old, he has helped at least 15 people fight addiction. These people call him their doctor and his salon their rehab centre.

“When a customer comes to me and gives his commitment that he will leave tobacco, I ask him to try to give it up for three months. I promise him that if he does not feel his life has improved, I will bear the expenses of his addiction for life. So far, no such case has ever come to me. Anyone who quits addiction says his life has improved as his health and financial condition had got better. This inspires people to ask other addicts to take my help,” he told The Times of India.

Some of his customers who have quit alcohol include Prakash Parmar, a 34-year-old private sector employee, and Rambhai Kanojiya, a 57-year-old grocery shop owner. Both feel their lives have improved now, all thanks to Pravin who convinced them like a doctor would.

Features image credit: The Times of India

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