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Bengali Actress Mimi Chakraborty Saw a Hit & Run. What She Did next Deserves a Standing Ovation.

In a brave act, Mimi Chakraborty chased down the perpetrator's of a hit-and-run till Kolkata's Lake Town.

I n an act that is rare these days, Bengali actress Mimi Chakraborty chased down two drunk drivers after she saw them run over a man in Kolkata recently.

On Sunday, Mimi was passing by Teghoria on VIP road, when she saw two men in an Indica car hit a man on a motorcycle. The car sped for nearly 3 km till Lake Town, dragging the man, who was stuck to its wheels, with it.

Mimi, who saw the incident, chased after the Indica till Lake Town.

mimi chakraborty

Photo credit: Facebook

Her Scorpio car soon caught up with the car of the drunk men. She got out of her car and took down the number on the license plate and also took pictures of the two men. Meanwhile, she also informed the police about Rakesh Agarwal, who was injured in the incident.

He was on the left side of the road and was wearing a helmet. It was just reckless driving by the driver, she says.

The police shifted Rakesh to a hospital. According to reports,  his condition is critical.

Her bouncers had also seized the car keys, till the police arrived at the spot. When the bouncers caught hold of Raju Bondopadhay and Brij Bondopadhay, who were driving the car, they said,” Please pardon us, it was a small mistake.”

Mimi told  Anandbazar Patrika, ” I was shocked to hear this. They were about to kill a person and they say it was a small mistake?”

Meanwhile, Mimi  informed Mr. Agarwal’s wife about the accident.

Help also came in the form of Bengali filmmaker Raj Chakraborty, who arrived on the spot, as soon as he got to know of the accident.

Mimi maintains that though it was a crowded road, nobody came to the help of the man.

She added that the only people who came forward were those who wanted to click her pictures.

Twitter is singing her praises though.

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