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VIDEO: A Heartwarming Tribute to the People with the Most Important Job in the World – Our Farmers

Which is the most important job in the world? That of a doctor, teacher, scientist or an engineer? If we just think about the question a bit more, and go back to one of the basic necessities of life, the answer will be right in front of us.

There is nothing more important than the work of those people who are responsible for the food on our tables – our farmers.


This heartwarming tribute to farmers puts is very accurately when it says that there is someone we need to thank for all our food and also our clothes – “It’s the farmer toiling on his land, sweat on his brow, soil on his hand.”

In the rush of the speedy world today, it is very easy to forget our roots. We often don’t think of those who are working day and night, and without whose hard work, nothing would have been in place. Thank you farmers!

As the renowned American radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey once said – God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need a caretaker.” So God made a farmer.

No better words to understand what farmers mean for the growth and development of any nation. Have a look:

This video was originally published here.

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