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DROP EVERYTHING and Listen to This Brand-New Version of a Beautiful Kerala Folk Song

Kuttanadan Punjayile is the traditional Malayalam folk song sung in chorus by rowers during boat races. Now it’s here in a brand-new avatar!

Sung by D.C. based singer and songwriter Vidya Vox and featuring Jomy George and Shankar Tucker, this version features all the heart-thumping, catchy spirit of the original song.

With its delightful blend of the East and West, songs such as this one are not only lovely to listen to, but can also do their bit to popularise and keep alive India’s rich, vibrant folk culture.

kuttanadan punjayile

The song has also become a hit with people on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter, with users saying that, even with its Western twist, it has reminded them of the beauty and charm of Kerala.

Watch the entire song here:

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