These Two Doctors Saved the Life of a Road Accident Victim… With Just a Pen and a Newspaper!

This is the amazing story of Savitri Devi and Faizah Anjum, two doctors who saved the life of a road-accident victim with just a pen and a newspaper!

Dr. Savitri Devi and Dr. Faizah Anjum are both medical doctors, working as interns for Apollo Hospitals in Secundrabad.

On Sunday, along with other doctors and interns, they were in a bus returning from a trek to Antaragiri hills when the bus stopped at a roadside restaurant.

pen and newspaper

Source: Facebook

At the restaurant, they came across a victim of a road traffic accident. The 30-year-old man had been hit by an oncoming bus; by the time the doctors reached him, he had a feeble pulse and was in critical condition.

He was surrounded by a crowd of people taking photos and videos – no one around him knew how to help.

When Devi and Anjum saw him lying there, they pushed their way through the crowd and started work on him right where he lay.

The only tools they had? A pen and a newspaper.

pen and newspaper

Source: Facebook

They used the pen to keep his tongue from blocking his air passage. They rolled up the newspaper and one of them used it to blow air into his lungs as the other performed chest compressions.

They did this for about 25 minutes, till the patient started breathing on his own. That’s when the ambulance arrived. The two doctors helped administer an IV drip before he was taken to the hospital.

When asked how it felt to have saved a life, Savitri Devi said to The Hindu, “It gives a sense of satisfaction and purpose.”

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