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Not Just Law and Order: These Policemen Even Help Women Deliver Babies!

Not Just Law and Order: These Policemen Even Help Women Deliver Babies!

When Antim Devi went into labour in Najafgarh village near Delhi, her family panicked — there wasn’t a hospital available for miles around. The ambulances of all nearby hospitals were already out on duty and the nearest one would take at least two hours to reach. Antim didn’t have the time.

This is when Antim’s family called a social worker, who immediately dialled 100 — the police emergency number.

police officers

Photo for representation. Source: Flickr

Within 10 minutes, a police van was at Antim’s door to take her to the hospital.

This was not the first time that the local police had gone beyond their call of duty and helped villagers. In emergency situations such as this one, villagers have often turned to the police for help. And they have never been let down.

In Antim Devi’s case, the policemen realised that they wouldn’t be able to make it to the hospital on time. That’s when they did something amazing (and, in these areas, amazingly routine) — they helped her deliver the baby.

When Antim indicated to her husband and mother-in-law, who were with her in the police van, that she was perilously close to delivery, the police officers called for doctors to arrive. The doctors were late, however, and the officers rolled up their sleeves and assisted her with the delivery right there in the van. By the time doctors arrived, Antim had already given birth.

The eventful day saw a happy ending — Antim Devi gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy.

The two policemen have since visited the family twice and even gifted clothes for the newborn.

Similar incidents are not uncommon in villages like Najafgarh, whose rural population is sometimes too poor to afford good healthcare. When all others fail to help, it is these men and women in uniform who step up and do what is required.

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