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This 12-Year-Old Has an Idea That Can Clean Sweep India’s Garbage Problem

Aditya Ravindra Potdar, a 12-year-old student of Class 7 has come up with an excellent solution to tackle the garbage problem in many Indian cities. His idea is to ensure that garbage is constantly cleared from the streets, and is also well segregated before reaching the compost units.

A student of HG Shroff High School & Junior College in Nandurbar, Maharashtra, Aditya has developed an underground garbage system as a part of his project based on the theme – Science for cleanliness.

The system consists of an underground conveyor belt meant to carry garbage from residential areas to the nearest compost units.


Photo Credit: Miran Rijavec/Flickr

This is how it is supposed to work:

A conveyor belt will be installed in front of a row of residential houses or apartment blocks, so people can come out of their houses and discard the garbage in roadside openings. Once the garbage lands on the belt, it will be transferred to a common composting unit situated at the end of the road, or any other suitable place. A blower is attached in the system to blow the dry waste into another opening right before the garbage enters the composting unit.

Other than solving the garbage problem, this system can also help generate employment as people can be trained to operate the composting units and run small businesses. Alternatively, a biogas plant can also be placed near the composting unit to generate electricity for running the belt.

Road cleaning vehicles meant to push all residual waste from the roads and footpaths into the openings are also a part of Aditya’s plan. His teacher, Nitin Deore, guided Aditya towards the completion of the project.

After being tested in real dimensions in Nandurbar, the system was attested by the authorities and representatives including the Member of Parliament of Nandurbar, Dr Heena Vijaykumar Gavit. According to a report in the Bangalore Mirror, the Nandurbar municipal council has also attested the plan, saying such a system is important for metropolitan cities. Additionally, Western Railways’ authorities have called it innovative and useful for flat systems in cities. They have recommended that the idea should be implemented on station platforms as well.

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