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[VIDEO] Watch This to See an Intricate Indian Craft Unfold Right in Front of Your Eyes

There is hours of hard work and patience behind that beautiful handcrafted bed sheet that you simply could not take your eyes off. Two design students are taking us on a journey to give us a glimpse of the lives of local artisans through this beautiful video. It might just make you think twice before bargaining with Indian craftsmen and women.

As customers, we all want to get the best product at the cheapest price. Rarely do we shy away from bargaining over the price of the products we purchase.  We buy an beautiful handcrafted bed sheet at a very low price, and feel the deep satisfaction of having cracked a wonderful deal.

indian artisans

But little do we know that behind every beautiful block print or colourful embroidery is hours of work by an artist who has spent several years of his life honing his skills at the art.

indian artisans

Now, two design students — Keya Vaswani and Nidhi Kamath — are giving the respect that these artisans richly deserve through their stories.

indian artisans

They are travelling across India, crafting stories of these artisans in a magical way. Here is one of their videos, that gives an insight into the level of patience and expertise required for an artisan to create a small print:


The video was first published at Storyloom Films. Watch more of their amazing work here.

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