#KnowYourRights – 10 Legal Rights You Cannot Afford to Not Know as an Indian Citizen

Indian legal system has given a lot of powers to its citizens. It is now on us to be aware of them. One group of motivated lawyers is helping you understand some crucial and important rights we citizens have through these simple posters.

The Indian legal system has given a lot of power to its citizens. It is upon us to be aware of them and to use them judiciously. The Better India, in association with Lex Do It, has created some simple posters to help you #KnowYourRights 

Did you know that if your gas cylinder explodes, you are entitled to Rs. 40 lakh cover? Also, that a woman can lodge a complaint through an email if she can’t go to the police station. And here’s more: that you don’t have to pay the MRP for a product, you can buy for less! MRP is the maximum retail price and you can bargain for less. However, a shopkeeper cannot charge beyond the MRP.

There are many such rights bequeathed to the citizens of India. But unfortunately, most of us have a vague or very little information about the legal system and its tenets. It’s time to change that! Take a look at these posters we created to let you #KnowYourRights and be empowered.


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Amazed? The Indian legal system is certainly citizen-friendly. You just need to be aware of your rights.

The above have been complied by Nishant Gambhir, the founder of Lex Do It a social enterprise focusing on legal education and empowerment, by conduction awareness drives, campaigns, classes and publications. You can learn more about them and their projects here.

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