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You Can Now Buy Cow Dung Online in India

Cow dung patties are the newest fast-selling item online, with most major Indian e-commerce retailers listing them on their websites.

Q. How do you know if e-commerce is really, truly big in India?
A. When you can buy cow poo online.

It’s true. Major e-commerce companies operating in India now have “cow dung” listed on their websites. Which means that this is something you can pay for with your debit or credit card and someone will come to your house and deliver it to you.

cow dung online
Yes, cow. It’s happening.
Source: Imgur

Often, when people move from village to city, they don’t really leave the village behind — and these patties can remind city citizens of childhoods in villages. People have been ordering these cow dung cakes online like hot cakes — they get sold out pretty quick.

“Cow dung cakes have been listed by multiple sellers on our platform since October and we have received several customer orders since then”, an Amazon spokesperson said to The Hindu.

Demand spikes during festivals like Diwali and during the winters, when it gets cold outside and people set cow dung on fire to warm themselves.

Since it makes for excellent manure, people also buy it for use in kitchen gardens.

cow dung online
Image for representation only. Source: Wikipedia

Major online retailers including Amazon and Shopclues currently list cow dung on their websites.

We know that people have been calling 2015 the Year of the Cow and we suspect we know why. Maybe, though, just maybe… this is the real reason?

Featured image source: Twitter

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