MY STORY: This Handicapped Tea Stall Owner Taught Me the Biggest Lesson in Karma Ever!

Meet Anil Gavade, the owner of a tea stall in Mumbai, who is known for his charitable work and concern for people living with disabilities. But Anil wasn't always like this. His early life revolved around robberies, thefts, cheating and fraud. This is his story of transformation.

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There’s a greater reason that karma repeats itself, and it’s not to cause you pain – it’s to teach you to take different actions for a better future.

Anil Gavade is a one such example of a man who literally turned his life around, and has evolved from a dacoit to a charitable human being.


His early life revolved around robberies, thefts, cheating and fraud. Anil has spent days fooling people, cheating them and setting traps. On an unfortunate day, he met with a horrific train accident and lost his left arm. It was his karma that had paid him back. This called for some honest introspection and evaluation of his faults and weaknesses, which led him to leave his earlier work and reincarnate.

You cannot escape karma; hence he started his livelihood by setting up a Chinese food stall. Feeding people was making him happy, but he wasn’t content. He realized that Chinese food has ajinomoto that has some hazardous health effects. He finally shut down the place and opened a tea stall instead, which is situated in Matunga. Apart from running a tea stall, he does a lot of charity work as well. Every year, on his birthday, he donates some amount of money to the cancer patients at the Tata Memorial Centre. He also serves free tea every day to people with disabilities who visit his stall. Simultaneously, he visits various temples, mosques, churches and gurudwaras, seeking forgiveness for his misdeeds.

Recognize what must be changed inside of you so as to change what’s outside of you. Anil now lives a peaceful and happy life with his wife and a son.

Karma moves in two directions. If we act virtuously, the seed we plant will result in happiness. If we act non-virtuously, suffering results.”

– Sukanya Nair

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