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Khan Academy Launches Math Videos in Hindi for Indian Students and Teachers

Khan Academy, the non-profit education organization, is all set to enter India by launching videos in Hindi. The academy is known for the simplicity with which different topics are explained in their videos.

Khan Academy, the non-profit organization, is taking yet another step towards achieving its mission of providing free and world class education for anyone, anywhere. Transforming the way school children learn maths and science in United States and around the world, the organization is now set to enter India by launching videos in Hindi, and eventually in other languages as well.

Khan Academy was started in 2006 by Salman Khan, an American teacher, entrepreneur, and a former hedge fund analyst.

khan academy

Source: Facebook

His idea was to provide free education to students everywhere, through short and interactive lectures, shared in the form of YouTube videos. The academy is known for the simplicity with which different topics are explained in their videos.

Now, Khan Academy and Central Square Foundation (CSF) have collaborated to develop the Khan Academy – Hindi platform.

khan academy1

Source: Facebook

CSF is a philanthropy venture fund founded by Ashish Dhawan with the aim of improving education for children from low income communities in India. The launch event of the Hindi platform is scheduled for 12:30 pm in India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

“After the US, Khan Academy sees India as a huge market but not to make profit. We shall provide customized and localized high-quality content in different languages,” Sandeep Bapna, India country manager of Khan Academy, told Live Mint.

The Hindi platform will provide similar experience as the English platform, and will cover the Math curriculum as per National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) syllabus.

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The academy will make videos, practice exercises, and tutorials in Hindi. This will help in tutoring students after school, and will also help teachers find new ways for addressing various topics. According to Sandeep Bapna, Khan Academy will customize around 2,500-3,000 Maths videos for Indian students and will then shift focus to its science lab as well. He added that about 2.5 lakh people from India visit the site every month.

“With the Internet and mobile infrastructure becoming widely available, the government pushing for the adoption of digital technology, and entrepreneurs and funders collaborating to create innovative solutions, there is tremendous potential for technology to continue to improve the quality of education and student learning levels in India. This is a special time in history when we actually have a chance to help all our students have access to world-class education,” Salman Khan and Ashish Dhawan wrote in an article in Hindustan Times, talking about the potential of Educational technology in improving the quality of education in the country.

Listen to Salman Khan speaking about Khan Academy here:

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