This Bengaluru Family’s Road Trip from India to France Is so Incredible!

From the massive sand dunes to the door to hell, this family of four took a road trip from India to France and covered 11 countries on their way. Here is a glimpse of their extra ordinary journey.

What is your idea of a vacation? A long weekend at a beautiful location? Adventure sports? A trip abroad? This family’s recent vacation beats all of that and more.

Meet team L.I.F.E (Little Indian Family of Explorers) – 38-year-old Anand Baid, an animator/educator, 36-year-old Punita Baid, his wife, and their kids Yash, 12, and Dhriti, 8.

This Bengaluru-based family went on a road trip covering 11 countries in 111 days from April 8 to July 28. Yes, a road trip from India to France!


They covered 22,780 km in their Fiat Linea, crossing more than 50 cities.

Anand had just quit his job and Punita had two months of vacation. It was a perfect opportunity for the family to live their dream and take this ambitious road trip. The only issue was to get such long leaves for their children. They shared their plan with the school authorities. Impressed by their unique idea, the school happily agreed to grant extended leaves to the kids.

They raised money for the trip from 14 different companies and well-wishers, and kick-started their journey on April 8, 2015 from their residence in Whitefield, Bengaluru.

This is what their itinerary looked like:

India, Nepal, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Switzerland (Alps), Spain, France.

baid china

Anand and Punita had once gone for a 21 day long road trip from Bangalore to Rajasthan, spanning over 6,000km. The experience inspired them to take their passion a step further. And they had an amazing time.

In Uzbekistan, one lady paid for their entire meal as she loved India and Taj Mahal.

baid uzbekstan

From climbing the massive dunes in western China, to getting stuck in Nepal for five days during the earthquake – they faced several ups and downs.


And also saw the ‘door to hell’ in Turkmenistan.


This family’s journey cannot be explained in the words. So here are some pictures that will do the talking now-

baid 9

All pics: Overland Stories Facebook

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