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MY STORY: After Visiting India, I Returned to Pakistan with this Beautiful Memory

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About 11 years ago, a family from Pakistan visited India to meet their relatives. Here, they were pleasantly surprised by one man in Mumbai. Monie Ahsan, till this day, thinks about that guy and prays for him. This is what happened.

In 2004, I travelled to India with my family to visit some relatives in Rajasthan. Our one-and-a-half months long tour had gone pretty well, and it was time to return. As our flight to Karachi was from Mumbai, we hired a jeep for a road trip to reach there.

With our luggage securely loaded on top of the vehicle, we started the long and tiresome journey.

It was the month of Ramazan and all of us were fasting.

india pak

Photo Credit: Jack Zalium/Flickr

It was almost evening by the time we reached Mumbai, and all of us were very hungry and thirsty.

Suddenly, a guy came to us –

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“You all must be Muslims. It’s time to break the fast and you probably don’t know about many places around here?” he asked. He might have guessed that we are new in the city, on seeing our luggage.

Then he invited us to his restaurant. That was where I had the best pineapple juice of my life.

He was a non-Muslim and he even offered us a place to sit and pray. We were eight people in all, and he served us with food and drinks. And the best part is that he did not even charge us for all of that!

I still pray for that guy.

– Monie Ahsan

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