How 2 Sikh Men Used Their Turbans to Save a Group of Ganesha Devotees from Drowning

How 2 Sikh Men Used Their Turbans to Save a Group of Ganesha Devotees from Drowning


A group of young men lost balance in a canal while immersing Ganesha idols. Two Sikh men instantly opened their turbans and threw them towards the drowning people to save their lives. This is how they did it. 

Inderpal Singh and Kamalpreet Singh, two Sikh men from Sangrur in Punjab, set aside their religious code, and saved the life of a group of drowning people with the help of their turbans.

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Picture for representation only. Photo Credit: Chris Goldberg/Flickr

On Friday, a group of young men, aged between 18-25 years, had gone for the immersion of Ganesha idols in a canal in Sular Gharat village, located in Sunam Tehsil of Sangrur District. They were at the ghaat when a sudden gush of water made them lose their balance and they slipped into the canal.

34-year-old Inderpal Singh was there along with 25-year-old Kamalpreet Singh, amidst the crowd that had gathered at the bank to take part in the immersion ceremony. When Inderpal noticed that some devotees were drowning, he took a life-saving decision in a matter for few second. Taking off his nine meter long turban, he hurled it towards them so they could take support and come back to the bank.

“First, five youths slipped into the canal while immersing the idols. They had fallen very near to the canal bridge and shouted for help. I immediately spotted a wire lying near the bridge and rescued two of them with the help of the wire. However, three others were still caught in a current,” said Inderpal, according to a PTI report.

After this, three other people jumped in to rescue those who were still struggling in the water. But all of them got stuck in the intense whirlpool. It was then that Inderpal threw in his turban, and pulled the three men out. Kamalpreet also followed him, and directed his turban towards remaining three people, pulling them out.

Thanks to these quick thinking and selfless men, an impending disaster could be avoided.

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