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Is Your Ice Cream Fake? Here’s How to Identify

Frozen desserts are masquerading as ice creams in the market. How do you differentiate between them? Here are a few simple steps to identify real ice creams.

Is Your Ice Cream Fake? Here’s How to Identify

As a self-proclaimed sugar junkie, nothing delights me more than indulging in a creamy scoop of ice cream garnished with the choicest dry fruits.

But did you know even ice creams can be fake? The times are such, that knowing how to discern between real and fake ice cream has become crucial.

The best way to find out whether you are eating ice cream or just a frozen dessert is to read the label on your ice cream box.

The first three ingredients on the back are the ones in most quantities. If the main ingredient of your ice cream is water and not milk, and has over 10 percent vegetable oil, then it is NOT ice cream but a frozen dessert.

According to FSSAI, ice cream is a milk-based dessert. FDA too, mandates that a true ice cream must have at least 10 percent milk in it. So if the label does say milk, it is NOT ice cream.

While some frozen desserts may taste and feel similar to ice creams, it’s important to know that frozen desserts have a higher fat content. This can lead to an increase in bad cholesterol, and cause heart diseases. According to a report, “They (hydrogenated oils) are banned for US foods, with the World Health Organization (WHO) calling for a total ban worldwide in 2023.”

Now that you know how to check if your ice cream is fake, make it a thumb rule to check the ingredient list before indulging in your favourite summer staple.

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