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In Pictures: 5 Perfect Answers to Ridiculous Superstitions


We have all heard of the various superstitious beliefs in India. From a considering a black cat crossing our way as unlucky, to hanging chilli and lemon to avoid the “evil eye”  – we blindly follow many such beliefs which make little sense. Here are some great pictures which tell you what such superstitions should actually mean. 

Don’t eat sweet and step outside your house right after that. Don’t let a black cat cross your way. What? You are staying in room number 13? It is not lucky! While growing up, we have all heard of many such statements which we never understood, but blindly followed.

Why is number 13 unlucky? Why shouldn’t a black cat cross your way? We might never get satisfactory answers to these questions apart from the fact that they are nothing more than mere superstitions.


Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti, an organisation dedicated to fighting superstitious beliefs in India, has come up with an interesting series of infographics that portray how ridiculous these beliefs are.

Here are five common superstitions deconstructed –

The dreaded number 13



Hanging lemon and chilli


If the superstitions actually worked, all those people who have a horseshoe hanging outside their houses would be millionaires.
superstition3Can dolls have ulterior motives?
superstition4Run before that cat crosses your way and makes your day ‘unlucky’!


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