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This 12-Year-Old Indian Origin Girl Scored More than Einstein and Hawking in IQ Test

Lydia Sebastian is just 12, but she has already achieved something that hardly one percent of the people in the world can get. She has scored the highest possible points in the famous Mensa IQ test and has beaten the scores of geniuses like Einstein and Hawking.

When it comes to IQ and intelligence, we cannot skip talking about Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. But would you believe if we told you that a 12-year-old girl has beaten their IQ test scores?

Meet Lydia Sebastian, a 12-year-old Indian-origin girl from Langham, United Kingdom. She has attained a score of 162 points in the renowned mental agility test conducted by Mensa, the largest and oldest society for people with high IQs.

This is the highest score possible in the test. With this achievement, Lydia has beaten geniuses like Einstein and Hawking who had scored 160 points.

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Hailing from Kerala in India, Lydia had an interest in reading since a very young age and has always been a quick learner. When she was just a few years old, she started reading books that were meant for children several years older than her. She also started talking when she was just six months old. Not only this, she started playing violin since a tender age of four.

A student of Colchester County High School, Lydia took a year to prepare for the test and called it “easy”.

Her incredible score has put her in the top one percent of people with such high IQs. She is now applying for the membership of Mensa which is restricted to only those people whose IQ test scores are within the top two percent of all the tests.

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