Sania, a 6-Year- Old Girl Is the Only Healthy Kid in Her Village. Here’s Why

A 6-year-old girl named Sania is the only healthy child in Gaura village of Uttar Pradesh. She is healthy and happy because of the good living habits of her family and their excellent family planning. This is her story.

A 6-year-old girl named Sania is the only healthy child in Gaura village of Uttar Pradesh. She is healthy and happy because of the good living habits of her family and their excellent family planning. This is her story. 

Sania, a six year old girl is a role model in her village. All the kids want to be like her. And why? It’s because she is the only healthy child in Gaura village of Uttar Pradesh.

An NGO called Vatsalya conducted a health assessment in the village where a majority of children are malnourished. And they found that Sania is the only healthy child among all her neighbours and friends .

Sania’s father works as a potter, and she is not just physically healthy, but mentally fit as well. She is a happy kid and the credit for her good health goes to the incredible living habits that her family follows.

Everyone in Sania’s family uses soap to wash their hands before eating anything. They keep their house clean and follow a basic routine to prevent themselves from getting sick.


Photo for representation. Source: Flickr

At a time when many women in rural India still deliver babies at home and do not consult a doctor on time, Sania’s mother went for the regular checkups during her pregnancy and consumed iron tablets to ensure that she delivers a healthy child.

She regularly breastfed her daughter for six months, since it is very crucial during the early days of a child’s life. The parents did not miss a single chance of immunising their baby and strictly followed the schedule for all different vaccines.

Sania’s parents also planned their family wisely. They decided not to have another child since they were not financially prepared to take care of two children in a proper manner.

The Vatsalya team conducted the survey for the International Food Policy Research Institute and found out that no one other than Sania’s family is living a healthy life there.

This young girl’s story can be an inspiration to millions of malnourished children in India. A healthy body leads to a happy life and Sania is perfect example of how even small steps can create a huge positive impact.

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