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Allahabad Court to UP Politicians & Babus – Your Kids Will Only Go to Government Schools

It is a well-known fact that government schools in UP are falling apart. The lack of basic facilities in many such schools is forcing parents from financially weaker backgrounds to seek private education for their kids. But an order by the Allahabad High Court might turn into a game changer. The order compels bureaucrats and politicians in the state to send their kids to government schools only, so they have a better understanding of those schools. 

From the next academic session, children of all government servants including politicians, in Uttar Pradesh, will be forced to study only in the state-run primary schools, as per a new order by the Allahabad High Court. This will include children of government officials, those serving in the local bodies, judiciary etc.

This step has been taken following several reports of utter negligence in government primary schools in the state.


Source: Flickr

Recently, two students from Hapur lost consciousness after getting an electric shock from a hand pump in one such school. What’s worse is that these victims were asked to wash utensils daily by their teachers and they had gone to the hand pump because of that only. The court while passing the judgement took note of the pathetic situation of similar schools in UP.

The court believes that this order, compelling authorities to send their children to government schools, will force the bureaucrats and politicians to seriously look at improving the condition in those schools.

Justice Sudhir Agarwal has also directed the Chief Secretary of UP to take appropriate steps within the next six months to put this order into effect.

The authorities seem to have been left with no choice but to implement the order, because the directive also states that any person not following it “should be made to suffer other benefits like increment, promotional avenues for a certain period, as the case may be, along with other penal provisions“.

The court has sent a strong message to those people who believe that good schooling is a privilege for only a select few. It also gives hope to the lakhs of students who have to compromise on even the most basic amenities like toilets, drinking water or infrastructure, for their education.

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