MY STORY: My Height Is 3 Feet and 8 Inches. And This Is How I Stand Tall.

I am Himanshu Bakshi. My height is 3 feet and 8 inches, and I live with dwarfism. But I did not let my disability come in the way of how I live my life. This is my story.

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I am Himanshu Bakshi. My height is 3 feet and 8 inches, and I live with dwarfism. But I did not let my disability come in the way of how I live my life. This is my story.

People sometimes assume that those who are living with physical disabilities are unable to contribute to the society in any meaningful way. It is unfortunate that people think this way, and they should understand that their assumption in not right.

Take my life as an example. It is full of many different challenges that come up every single day. I see people laughing at me and making cheap comments whenever I step out of my house. I have even witnessed a woman pointing towards me and telling her son that if he doesn’t eat his food, this is how he will become.

Why you ask?

Because I am a person living with dwarfism. It is a condition which affects one in 25,000 people. My height is 3 feet and 8 inches, and my life has been a roller coaster ride because of it.


But I have never been demotivated. I am an LLB and Commerce graduate, and I work as a Chartered Accountant. Currently, I am associated with an international consulting firm.

You might be thinking, “So, what is so special about him?” Well, I am a perfect example of someone who has successfully converted a disability into an opportunity.

With my dedication, I have proven to the world that nothing can stop you if you have a strong will power, which is far more important than a strong body.


There were many hurdles on my journey to where I am today. I had to stand and write most of my exams through school and college because the benches were too large for me. When I was in CA final year, I lost my father and that was the lowest point of my life. He always wanted to see me become a CA and I fulfilled his dream. But the day it got fulfilled, he was not there. I have my mother, who is the strongest pillar in my life, and she has always been an inspiration for me.

As they say, if God takes away something from you, he replaces it with something else that you had never imagined. The same happened in my case. Being a national level current affairs debater, I have participated in many TV talk shows. I also write articles for many newspapers and give inspirational lectures to people from all walks of life.

Some people come up to me and say “Salaam Zindagi”, and it always makes me feel really good. I received the “Inspirational person of the year” award in my previous organization and was also featured in the anniversary issue of the fashion magazine, Maxim. Other than these, I have also received awards from many renowned personalities such as Late Mr. Jagjit Singh.

I am a firm believer of something that Mahatma Gandhi had once said – “Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.” And to others, I say the same thing.

– Himanshu Bakshi

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