Chennai Woman Turns Shipping Containers into Houses in Just 15 Days, for Rs 3 Lakh

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Chennai resident Vaanmathi is the founder of Container Care, which uses marine containers to build beautiful homes, site offices, hospital rooms and even marriage halls.

Did you know that you can construct a house without using cement and bricks? Chennai’s Vaanmathi, founder of Makwell Container Care, uses containers to build a house.

“Everyone dreams of owning a home. With containers, you can build a beautiful home in just 15 days. I can build a house with a kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom for Rs 3 lakh,” says Vaanmathi, who has been working with containers for 31 years now.

Apart from houses, she can construct anything using marine containers; from houses and site offices to godowns to hospital rooms and marriage halls.

After buying second-hand containers, her team repairs and waterproofs the containers. They ensure that the containers are structurally sound. Thereafter, they convert them into building units. The process involves drawing plans, analysing vastu, designing interior, and installing water and electricity connections. The interiors are panelled using cement fibre sheets. The storage, design, and flooring can be customised as per the client’s requirements.

For Vaanmathi, her biggest plus is her in-depth engagement with clients. “My involvement is my biggest plus. Instead of being formal, I try to connect with my clients personally. For instance, if they are short, I ensure the top shelves are built at an accessible height,” she says.

She hopes that the cost of constructing container houses will become even more affordable in the future so that she can build a home for every person who approaches her.

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