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Too Late for New Year Resolutions? Make a ‘Goodness Resolution’ To Help Earth Instead

This new year’s, MamaEarth, a toxin-free, natural skincare brand, released two short films as part of their #GoodnessResolution to encourage people to introspect and take action to bring a positive change.

Too Late for New Year Resolutions? Make a ‘Goodness Resolution’ To Help Earth Instead

This article is sponsored by Mamaearth India.

The calendar year changing is often an opportunity for people to start with a clean slate. And while many new year’s resolutions don’t come to fruition, with the right support and push, your efforts can bloom into the cultivation of a new habit or a ticked-off goal. 

This new year, Mamaearth decided to provide that little push to people by asking them to prioritize goodness. 

“For us, ‘goodness’ is not just a word or a feeling, it is a choice. It is defined as the little good acts that we do in our daily lives that make this world a better place,” claims the brand. 

The personal care company released two short films as part of their #GoodnessResolution campaign, featuring two kinds of people — those who always complain and the ones who take the initiative to do something about it.

Plant Goodness

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The first film shows a man in his late 20s standing on his balcony watching a fallen plant that was newly planted. As he sips his beverage, he comments on how everyone is walking past and not doing anything about it. 

Just then, a young schoolgirl picks the pot up, adjusts the plant and waters it using her school bottle. Watching this renders the man speechless as he realizes how a simple act of kindness can fix things.

Take the step towards cultivating it around you
Take a resolution to care for plants for a thriving environment.

Plastic Positive

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The second film shows a lawn covered with paper plates, cups, plastic bottles and other waste. A sanitation worker is seen cleaning the area, while two women in their mid-40s are stretching as part of their exercise routine. They pity the woman who has to clean the whole mess and complain about the people responsible for it. 

That’s when a young girl stops by and starts helping the worker by picking up the waste and depositing them in the dustbins. This silences the ladies who then realize the importance of doing over just talking.

Both films end with a message — “Kuch badalne ke liye, sirf kehna nahi, karna padta hai!” (To change something, one has to act, not just talk).

Sow the seed of goodness with MamaEarth
Mamaearth encourages you to do good in the world.

Steps Towards Goodness

On their part, Mamaearth launched its Plant Goodness initiative in October 2020. The brand claims, “We plant a tree every time a consumer orders from us. Once the order is delivered, we send an email and an SMS to the consumer with the details of the plant, its image and the geo-location. The users can visit their plant babies with this information if they wish.” 

Along with Sankalptaru — their NGO partner that takes care of the tree plantation and maintenance activities — the brand says that they want to make the air cleaner, reduce carbon footprints, improve farmers’ livelihoods, and create a greener environment for all.

Take a step towards goodness
The brand supports and encourages others to incorporate eco-friendly practices in life.

To further their mission, Mamaearth also claims “We recycle more plastic than what we consume in the manufacturing process for our products. In the last two financial years, we have recycled more than 3,412 metric tonnes of plastic.” 

Here’s to a year dedicated to giving back to the environment, doing our duty towards our planet and taking the first step towards change. #GoodnessResolution

Edited by Divya Sethu

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