This Rickshaw Puller Returned Rs. 1.17 Lakhs He Found on the Roadside

Abid Qureshi found a bag full of money on the roadside and didn't even think twice before making up his mind to return the entire 1.17 lakh. Here is more.

Abid Qureshi found a bag full of money on the roadside and didn’t even think twice before making up his mind to return the entire 1.17 lakh. Here is more.

Abid Qureshi is a rickshaw puller and he works day and night so that his wife and daughter can get the basic necessities of life. But this week, on yet another hard working day, something unique happened that could have changed his entire life .

Abid found a bag stuffed with Rs. 1.17 lakh on the roadside.

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He did not know what to do with it. But instead of taking the money home, he waited at the spot for six hours, hoping that the owner would come back. Finally, when no one came, he took the bag home to discuss with his wife as to how they could go about returning it.

The whole night on Wednesday, the couple sat dumbfound, thinking about going to the police station the next day to return it. They had never seen such a huge amount of money.

But Abid was also scared that the police might misunderstand him and blame him for stealing the money.

He took the chance though and finally went to the police station to surrender it. Once he reached there, his doubts became true. The police began to suspect that he was carrying fake currency notes. It was only after the notes were scanned through a machine that Abid’s honesty was acknowledged.

Abid and his wife spent Thursday night peacefully at home. They felt good that they did not compromise their integrity and honesty.

Many people in Abid’s locality had advised him not to return the money as it could change his life. But Abid was sure that ill-gotten money can be of no use to him. He earns barely Rs. 200 – Rs. 300 in a day, but believes in working hard and earning honestly. Kudos to his kind of thinking! And our deepest appreciation of his honesty.

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