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What are microgreens?

Microgreens can be explained as mini-versions of many plants and herbs such as fenugreek, sesame, mustard, wheatgrass etc. They are grown about 2 inches in size. In many cases, these edible mini-versions of plants are 40-50 per cent more nutritious than the vegetable itself!

What will be covered in the workshop:

Swati swears by the nutritional power punch that microgreens offer. In this 2-hour online course, here’s what she will cover:

  • An introduction to microgreens and understanding how they help our immunity system
  • How to grow microgreens in containers easily available at home
  • Understanding the nature of seeds
  • Simple tests you can apply to check if the seeds are pure
  • A classification of seeds that should and shouldn’t be grown as microgreens
  • Tips to maintain the growth of microgreens
  • Understanding how microgreens can form a part of your regular diet

Tell me more about this!

Grow a superfood in your home and stay healthy all year long!


Microgreens are not just a gourmet garnish. When included in a regular diet, they can increase your nutritional intake manifold!

Urban Farming

Microgreens can be grown in containers as small as a bowl. Even with space restrictions in a city, you can grow them abundantly!

Fresh Food

By growing microgreens in your home, you can ensure you get fresh, raw, healthy food with every meal.

Easy Access

With an internet connection and two hours to spread, you can learn to grow microgreens from the comfort of your home!

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