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Moved by the plight of struggling students, Eshan Sadasivan designed a bag that doubles as a desk.

Eshan was part of a volunteering programme during his time as a student in IIT-Kanpur. He would teach English and Maths to underprivileged students. There he noticed that the students would attend classes enthusiastically, but had to sit on the ground, hunching over their books and damaging their spines and eyesight during their formative years. Eshan realised that a desk can help maintain their posture and make learning better for them. That's how Deskit was born.

How do these desks help a child’s posture and eyesight?

Ideally, the object of reading or writing should be between 15 to 25 inches from your eyes. For a proper posture, your 'visual target' must be almost parallel to your face and not closer than 15 inches. When a child has no desk to rest their books on, they have no choice but to bend their backs, get their eyes very close to the books and endure this uncomfortable position for several hours every day. Deskit stops this, by opening up into a desk.





Tell me more about this!.

This simple yet brilliant idea has impacted over 1 lakh students so far!


The bags come in two sizes (height 14.5 cm or 16.5 cm) and both cost less than Rs 700.

Handcrafted Innovation

Each bag is handcrafted to perfection so the students face no issues at school

Women Empowerment

Eshan and his team have employed marginalised women to make these amazing desk-bags.

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