A Kerala Duo is Building Homes For The Poor Through a Cycle Expedition Across India

kerala duo are cycling to raise funds

Kerala duo Nijin KG and T Reneesh have set out on a unique cycle expedition with the motto ‘Donate Rupee 1, Change Somebody’s Life’. Watch this video to see how.

On 10 December 2021, Nijin KG — a mobile technician and T R Reneesh — a teacher, from Wayanad, Kerala took a sabbatical from their respective jobs in order to undertake a cycling expedition. However, this was no ordinary trip

The duo started off with a simple motto — ‘Donate Rupee 1, Change Somebody’s Life’. To succeed in this, they came up with a unique idea. 

Nijin and Reneesh started cycling through the villages of India asking people they met along the way to donate one rupee to the cause of building homes for people from low-income groups. Not only did well-wishers contribute in terms of money, but also gave the duo tents, sleeping bags, and bicycles. 

The duo keep their followers and donors apprised of their journey through constant updates on their Facebook and Instagram channels. According to these updates, they are currently cycling through the villages of Malappuram. 

Often, people along the way are so taken up by this unique selfless initiative that they spread the message about it on their social media groups, thus enabling more people to donate to the cause.

But whilst they are on the expedition, there is also a plan in place for homes to be built by a contractor to whom they have already given an advance payment. The homes will be built to accommodate five poor families each, with each home being spacious with two bedrooms, a hall and a kitchen and costing Rs 6 lakh. 

The project has already commenced and the duo will end the cycle trip once the homes are ready, a plan that they estimate will take two years.

As of now, they have collected Rs 1.68 lakh by way of the 100 km they have covered through 400 villages in India. The goal is to meet a total of Rs 42 lakh. 

Watch to know how the duo are changing lives with a cycle trip: 

Edited by Divya Sethu

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