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Who Said You Can’t Travel the World With a Baby? Mom’s Tips From Trips to 14 Countries

Anindita has travelled with her baby to 10 countries

40-year-old Anindita Chatterjee travelled to no less than four countries when pregnant, and to 10 with her 1-year-old. Watch the video to see how.

Anindita Chatterjee was swimming in Mexico’s cenote (a natural sinkhole) when she first felt her baby’s kick.

This 41-year-old woman is passionate about exploring the world and started her Instagram account @travel.chatter in 2017 to document her travel stories. Eventually, she quit her job in 2020 to become a full-time travel content creator.

Lately, she has been busting pregnancy myths through her Instagram profile. While pregnant, Anindita visited no less than four countries and continued her travels even after she gave birth to her daughter. And she has already travelled to 10 countries with the one-year-old!

“I love travelling, so why should pregnancy be any different? I got pregnant at 40 and wanted to ensure that it was epic!” says the Mumbai-resident, who has travelled to 78 countries in total.

She shares that after her doctor gave her permission to travel, she planned a 45-day babymoon — visiting places like Mexico, Columbia, Curacao and Aruba — where she did everything from floating in a mud volcano and snorkelling to hiking and walking more than 10 km daily.

Anindita advises women to not lose their identity or give up on their passion just because they’re pregnant or had a baby. “Only if I follow my dreams will my daughter follow hers when she grows up,” she says.

“I do a lot of research before choosing a destination and plan everything in advance. You have to decide the day’s travels according to your child’s mood, do whatever is possible, and enjoy that,” she says, adding that her daughter, Kiara, loves meeting new people and says ‘Hi!’ to everyone.

(Edited by Asha Prakash)