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Yamma Yamma Sing Afghans, Thrilled at India’s Role in Reconstruction of Dam


Grateful residents of Afghanistan visited the Indian consulate there to thank India for its major role in the reconstruction of the nation, including the reconstruction of Salma Dam which is about to be completed. The dam will solve major issues of electricity shortage in the country. 

Residents of the western Herat province of Afghanistan are exultant, as the reconstruction of Salma Dam is about to be completed. The dam is one of India’s major reconstruction projects in Afghanistan.

A group of residents from the province visited the Indian consulate on Tuesday to thank Indian officials there for the country’s role in the reconstruction of Afghanistan.

salma dam

Source: Twitter

As a gesture to express their gratefulness, they presented flowers to workers of the consulate and the local musicians sang Bollywood songs too.




The dam is 20 km long and 3 km wide and it has started filling with water. India’s expenditure on the dam project is $300 million. It is expected to be completed in 9-12 months and will produce 42 MW of electricity and along with providing water to about 80,000 hectares of farmland.

The Salma dam was initially built in 1976 on the Hari river basin, and it got damaged during war. The reconstruction of the dam which started decades ago during the tenure of Sardar Mohammad Dawoud Khan, was stopped because of war in the nation. It restarted in 2005, and will be completed in 2016 as a part of India’s developmental assistance programme to Afghanistan.

Water started filling up the reservoir on July 28th. There were joyful processions in Afghanistan on that day. The dam is very important for the people there as it will solve the major issue of lack of electricity.


The complete assistance program from India has a budget of around $2 billion, making India the fifth largest bilateral donor. A new Afghan parliament being financed by India is also about to be completed. Other than this, the 218km long Zaranj-Delaram road in southwestern Afghanistan is also being built by India’s Border Roads Organisation (BRO).

The residents thanked India for the reconstruction of their nation through Twitter as well.



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