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‘I Live My Dream in a Caravan’: A Photographer’s ‘Slow’ Journey Across Indian States

Barty the van

Photographer by profession, Nischay has been exploring the country in his caravan named 'Barty the Van' as a tribute to his mother.

Do you ever dream about packing your bags and setting off to explore our beautiful country? To imbibe its rich culture and heritage, while living an endearing dream!

Well, here’s a guy who is actually living “the” dream, quite fearlessly, in his caravan.

Nischay lives and travels across the country in a caravan. As a kid, he always dreamt of owning a food truck, which gradually transformed into a dream of living in a caravan.

“As a photographer, I had to travel across the country; but now, I do it in ‘Barty – The Van’,” he says.

Nischay named his caravan after his mother Bharti, who passed away in 2021. He informs that even in her last days his mother was a catalyst in fueling his dream of owning this vehicle.

He bought the van in 2022, and it took him five months of hard work before it was finally ready to run on the road.

So far, Nischay has travelled to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. His goal is to travel slowly to experience the rich Indian culture and document it.

Want to know more about his adventures? Watch this video to find out:

Edited by Pranita Bhat