10 Quick Christmas Snack Recipes Recommended by Chef Influencers for the Festive Season

christmas snacks

From strawberry shortcake to deviled potatoes and spiced hot apple cider, this comprehensive list of easy Christmas snacks is all you need to get the party going.

The most festive day of the year is upon us, and if you’re frantic about what to whip up when the guests turn up, we’ve got a few ideas for you. These simple quick recipes are just as delicious as they are easy to prepare, and what’s more, they are by some of the best chefs on the internet.

So go ahead, and happy cooking!

1. Chicken Wellington

Boneless chicken breasts topped with a mushroom onion mix, the chicken wellington is a variant of the popular classic beef wellington and would be a star dish on your Christmas menu. The snack features a juicy mixture wrapped inside a puff pastry, and it is said that its predecessor, the beef wellington, was one of the favourite snacks of Arthur Wellesley — the first Duke of Wellington.

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2. Strawberry cheesecake brownies

There is nothing like a great dessert with softened cream cheese filled with dollops of red juicy strawberries. Whether you choose to have it as a dessert or as a mid-evening snack, your guests will simply love the flavour it adds to your party.

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3. Strawberry shortcake

A heavenly combination of heavy cream, cut strawberries and a crumbly scone texture results in strawberry shortcake — a dessert that deserves its own spot on the festive menu. Don’t be fooled by its mini size; the sweet treat is a burst of flavour when it hits the palate.

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4. Cranberry gin cocktail

Why stick to the usual drinks and juices when you can fizz it up? Here’s a fun cocktail that you can serve your guests. It’s got gin to keep you warm and cranberries to add that much-needed punch to the party. So, go ahead and toast to the year that’s around the corner.

5. Crinkle cookies

Christmas is a time to sit back with the family, relax, and talk about the year that has gone by. And what better way to do this than by snacking on some eggless crinkle cookies by Chef Tarla Dalal? They’re light, chewy, and delicious and have a blend of ingredients that ensures you can quickly whip them up.

6. Christmas bread

This time of the year is usually filled with heavy meals, tables creaking with good food and sleepy afternoons after a feast. In the midst of all these rich lunches and dinners, there is the Christmas bread that comes in as a relief. It is a simple concoction of bread with jam, but how! Why don’t you try it out and see for yourself?

7. Christmas cheese poppers

A snack that you can pass around and keep passing around until the carols come to an end and the laughing dies down. A simple yet beautiful recipe by chef Ranveer Brar, these cheese poppers will get you nostalgic about childhood and the time spent gorging on them.

8. Devilled potatoes

They’re simple, pair well with any other starter, and as Chef Pankaj Bhadouria describes them — they “get the party rolling”. Devilled potatoes are the seemingly usual dish on the menu but leave you feeling satisfied, satiated and hungry for more.

9. Spiced hot apple cider

With the temperatures dipping and the flu season here, a spiced hot apple cider serves a dual purpose — one being that it helps you keep warm and is great for your throat, and the other being its festive taste. Don’t forget to add it to your party menu!

10. Mexican Quesadilla

Chef Chinu has put a Mexican twist to the classic quesadilla and come up with the Mexican quesadilla. Filled with veggies, the snack can be one of the entrees you serve leading up to the heavy lunch, and here’s how you can prepare it.

(Edited by Pranita Bhat)

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