23-YO’s Hydroponic Setup to Grow Organic Veggies Earns Him Rs 54000 a Month

hydroponics farm

Andhra Pradesh resident Sandeep Kannan shares why he decided to take up hydroponics farming right out of college, and how growing organic vegetables earns him thousands per month.

Born to a farmer, Sandeep Kannan from Tirupati has always been inclined towards the profession. But after graduation, just like his peers, Sandeep began preparing for competitive examinations.

It was during the COVID-19 lockdown that he sat and thought of why picking farming as a career. “I had more time to think about it. So I decided to explore polyhouse farming methods. I read books, watched videos and did in-depth research,” says the 23-year-old.

Through wide research, he became interested in hydroponics farming, a method of growing plants without soil, by using water-based mineral nutrient solution. 

As a trial, Sandeep started cultivation of lettuce and spinach on his home terrace. By preparing a proper set up using PVC pipes, he harvested the first round of produce in November.

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It was during this period that his father was diagnosed with diabetes and doctors recommended the intake of more fresh veggies. This became a push for Sandeep to go big with a farm.

By borrowing money from family members, he set up Vyavasayi Bhoomi, a hydroponic farm and startup that sells fresh produce including spinach, red amaranth, basil, kale, pak choi (Chinese cabbage), lettuce and broccoli.

Today, Sandeep earns Rs 54,000 per month by selling the veggies in markets, supermarkets and residential areas without middlemen. He plans to expand and try growing new items in the upcoming months thereby increasing income. 

Watch the youth’s farming journey here: