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“College Denied Me Graduation, Art Rescued Me”: How I Live With Bipolar Disorder

Devshri Chandrakar

Devshri Chandrakar has been living with bipolar disordersince she was 19 years old. She used art to cope with her mental illness after her college denied her graduation degree.

Living with a mental condition like bipolar disorder wasn’t easy for Devshri Chandrakar who has been fighting it since the age of 19. Now a creative artist, who works in a wide range of mediums like paintings, resin art and installations, Devshri aka Shiri has been coping with her mental illness through art.

It all started at the age of 19 when her college denied her graduation degree. She was devastated by the fact that she wouldn’t graduate due to a fraud committed by the college, and it severely affected her mental health. Devshri started experiencing mental breakdowns and was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

But soon, she found her calling in art and thereafter, colours and paintbrushes became her best friends. She started painting and making jewellery which eventually helped her in the process of healing from the trauma.

Devshri decided to fight for her degree legally, and finally, after a seven-year-long legal battle, she graduated. She says that she still experiences mental breakdowns but doesn’t want to give up.

Now, she is on a mission — recording her life journey through her art and sharing it to spread awareness about mental health.

Watch her inspiring journey here:

Edited by Pranita Bhat