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An Illustrator Reimagines Women’s Safety Accessories. And They Are Deadly!


A jacket that can dig holes in the body, a bag that hides a monster and a remote control that sucks in the attacker. One illustrator has come up with these incredible and deadly designs for women accessories which can make molesters run for their lives. Check them out yourself.

What is your idea of a gear that could provide safety to women and still look cool? While you tap your imaginations, we present these incredible concept accessories for women that can protect them from molesters.

While these accessories are nowhere close to coming out in market and might not even see the light of the day, their super cool designs are both amazing and deadly.


The man behind these designs is Suresh Eriyat, who runs a creative studio Eeksaurus. He has created three objects that can give molesters a run for their lives.

Suresh Eriyat, the man behind these out of the box ideas.
Suresh Eriyat, the man behind these out of the box ideas.
Photo: Facebook

Though all the three products are mere imaginations and hypothetical, the main aim is to convey a strong message about women safety and to create awareness about the government helpline number 103 which has been created specifically for women and children in distress.

Presenting the first product – Bagzilla. It is a purse that hides a monster inside it, which is capable of chewing down the unwanted molesters.

[embedvideo id=”BtVdbEjrvNk” website=”youtube”]

The second is a Porcupine Jacket that has sharp spines that come out as soon as you press a button only to dig into the attacker and give severe injuries.

[embedvideo id=”JzJdZKwT184″ website=”youtube”]


The third is an Intergalactic Pest Control, where a space ship sucks in the offenders and takes them away.

[embedvideo id=”QBuVQflHGug” website=”youtube”]

An animated short film demonstrates all three products and teaches a lesson to the molesters they will never forget.

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