Journey of 2 Friends From Mumbai Becoming Millionaires by Selling Vada Pav in London

Sujay Sohani and Subodh Joshi who sell vada pav in london

Calling it an Indian version of a burger, Sujay Sohani and Subodh Joshi made vada pav one of London’s favourite snacks.

Sujay Sohani and Subodh Joshi went to good colleges in Mumbai and took up jobs in reputed hotels in London. But, when the recession hit in 2010 and hotels started to shut down, the duo lost their well-paying jobs.

Survival looked bleak, so much so that they didn’t have enough money to even buy basic food.

So, the duo decided to rent some space in a Polish ice cream cafe and start selling Mumbai’s pride — Vada Pav, in London.

Calling it an affordable Indian version of a burger, they started roaming around London streets, giving out free Vada Pav. The desi dish was received well by the Londoners. And soon, they gained popularity and became one of the most beloved street foods in the area.

Six months after starting their business, they collaborated with a Punjabi restaurant and now Shree Krishna Vada Pav is a full-fledged restaurant.

It sells more than 70 different varieties of Maharashtrian snacks. They have also opened other branches of the restaurant across London with a significant number of Vada Pav lovers visiting regularly.

Growing from making glum profits to running a flourishing business, the duo have turned into millionaires today.

Watch this video to learn more about how they made an authentic Indian snack popular in London.

Edited by Pranita Bhat

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