70-YO Potter Makes Fridge that Needs No Electricity; Keeps Veggies, Curd Fresh for Days

M Sivasamy with his clay fridge

Coimbatore-based potter M Sivasamy has built an eco-friendly clay fridge that needs zero electricity to keep vegetables, fruits, curd, etc fresh for upto four days. Watch this video to see how his brilliant device works.

In the heat of modernisation, here comes a man with his sustainable and eco-friendly refrigerator.  

Born into a family of potters and having worked with clay for most of his life, M Sivasamy used his knowledge to build a clay refrigerator that requires zero power and can keep your vegetables, fruits, milk, eggs and curd for up to four days.  

Hailing from Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu makes two variants of the fridge. One is 1.5 feet in length and the other one is 2 feet. They cost Rs 1,700 and Rs 1,800 respectively and Sivasamy has sold more than 100 pieces so far. 

He made a cylindrical pot made out of clay with a tap on one side and an outlet to pour water on the other side. A smaller pot fits inside the bigger one where you can place your vegetables which is then covered with a lid. The technology is simple — the water in the pot remains cool keeping the vegetables fresh and cool

He mixes the main ingredient — the clay — in the right consistency, after which he makes each piece of the fridge, which is then dried in the shade. It takes him one month to make ten refrigerators, he says.

Running his shop for the past fifty years, Sivasamy says that contributing to people’s health and helping the environment keeps him content and satisfied. 

Watch this video to see how it works: 

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