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I Turned My 3-Storey Home into a Lush Hydroponics Farm That Earns Rs 70 Lakh/Year

hydroponics farm by journalish ramveer singh

UP resident Ramveer Singh quit his job and turned his home into a hydroponics farm that now earns lakhs per year. Watch this video to see how he did it.

In 2009, while working as a full-time journalist, Ramveer Singh heard about his friend’s father, who was diagnosed with cancer. One possible reason, he heard, was the intake of chemical-laden vegetables.

Worried about the safety of his own family, he decided to quit his job to start natural farming. For this, he chose his ancestral land, 40 km away from Bareilly, where he stayed. 

In 2018, he stumbled upon the hydroponics method of farming while attending an agriculture-related event in Dubai. 

“I was enthralled about the type of farming method. It did not require soil and could be grown with less pest infestation. Moreover, it saved almost 80 per cent of water required for growing plants,” he said.

The farmer decided to turn his three-storey building into a hydroponics farm to grow more than 10,000 plants, including vegetables and fruits.

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At the farm, Singh mainly uses PVC pipes to carry nutrient rich water to the plants.

“The system designed using PVC pipes circulates water with the help of gravity. The arrangement ensures that about 16 nutrients — such as magnesium, copper, phosphorus, nitrogen, zinc and others — are distributed equally to each plant,” he adds.

The farm is named Vimpa Organic and Hydroponics, which helps the former journalist earn more than Rs 70 lakh per year.

Watch how he turned his 3-storey home into a hub of organic veggies: