Architect Turns 9-Acre Barren Land into Unique Bamboo Village & Eco-Tourism Hub

bamboo village in tripura

Watch this video to see the beauty of Bashgram, a unique bamboo village located in Tripura, that aims to promote sustainability and eco-tourism, as well as the importance of bamboo in the local culture.

Early this year, Tripura became home to a unique bamboo village — Bashgram. 

Led by architect Manna Roy, a team of eco-enthusiasts turned nine acres of barren land into a thriving eco-tourism spot, replete with ponds, a yoga centre, a playground, pathways and bridges, and more, all made from around 14 different species of bamboo. 

Located in the bamboo hub of Katlamara, Bashgram was constructed to promote eco-tourism in the state. For the project, Roy spent Rs 60 lakh to efficiently make use of the local and natural resources.

Tourists here will also find cosy cottages, hostel facilities, a school, and more. Officials are also set to build a museum to house “endangered, obsolete, old and new materials made of bamboo”.

Roy’s aim was to use natural resources in Katlamara without hampering the environment, and turn the region into “a world-class medical cum eco-tourism hub”. Bashgram also tries to promote a sustainable lifestyle by encouraging people to live close to nature.

Roy also noted, “In our society, bamboo knives were earlier used to cut the umbilical cord after a baby was born, and bamboo was also used during the last rites after a man or woman died. It is used in numerous ways in every aspect of human life. A variety of foods made of bamboo resources are also very delicious and popular in the societies of the North-eastern states. Hence, bamboo is an integral part of our life and death.” 

Watch this video to see the beauty of this unique village:

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