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An Initiative to Recruit More Police Personel

An Initiative to Recruit More Police Personel

As per the recent article,we have very less police recruits and deployed as compared to no of citizens in our states,let alone KARNATAKA, but through out our country,. What is

As per the recent article,we have very less police recruits and deployed as compared to
no of citizens in our states,let alone KARNATAKA, but through out our country,.

What is stopping people from joining police dept,and why are we lacking a top class
security arrangment,why people are still avoiding going to police station for lodging an
complaint.why no body wants to even join the army/police dept.this are the questions
our politicians should ask,we may have won the game N-DEAL,big deal!!!!!!.ok that is as
much required to boost our economic from all round field of devlopment.but are we ready enough?
to safe gaurd our people our fellow citizen from all unwanted anti social elements and why
cant a country which is on road of becoming one of the super power in world can also boast of
having large no army/police men to improve our security.,reason is we simply dont have
enough of them and very few join them now, as per static and cences goes and I suppose we
all agree we do have larg population.recruitment graph tells us how new generation are opting
for new challanges in different field;IT,MEDICAL,ENG,AERONAUTIC,SPACE,ete you name it,
and you will find young INDIA doing a splendid job and serving and devloping the international
business.Why not an POLICE MEN.?

In fact we have so many educational institute to fine tune you in your own field,you can now
join and enjoy any field of your interest and at the same time you cherish the job which will
benefit in more materialistic and saticfaction,but in the end that is what counts.however I will not
drag this too much,coming to point of helping our own POLICE DEPT,let us put our joint ideas
in making people join the dept/acadamy,? is how,here is an answer or say an thought which may
be or may not be of great help,but what the heck! its just an idea and movement of
make people of our country aware of joining dept.

To make more no of citizen join the POLICE DEPT the govt should come out openly and make a mark of its own in being very strict and straight in what they want.

When an militant organistation can recruit young people,why cant our own dept ?

The govt should start inetiative of recruiting young people with good background and qualification in lower catagory,people with minimum education should be given training
from the day one for atleast 6 month .but this should not hold them from enjoying an good
perks like others with good qualification.

The Dept should announce a good pay scale to all catagory.
(just stroll in to our IT sector,you will find what kind of pay scale can company give)
now bring this plann into the dept ,just an 50% of pay what they give in IT if you give it
in police dpt,you will find the changes and improve in service.ultimaty its the money that
counts to run an family,this will also stop the dirty work of corruption.

Make the work more stylish and good aproach will always make the difference.

Stop showing police people in negative roll in bollywood flicks,instead promote the good
work they do .

Make the dept more friendly rewamp the stations to look more like an corporate and let people
feel the ambience and think they are in safe hands.

Let all MPs and other what so called babus stop unwanted luxury and put the same amount
in dept to uplift the social status of police men, its our money going from govt exchequer.

Encourage more no of women in joining the dept.

I jotting down some more points and bright ideas
keep watching this space,oh by the way who ever reads this,kindl put down your
name and contact if you are in favour of the issue.

Written by Mr. Jayprakash, Bangalore
1st August 2008

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