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Indian Brand Leads Dialogue on Mental Well-being; Enables Access to Affordable Therapy

Indian Brand Leads Dialogue on Mental Well-being; Enables Access to Affordable Therapy

ITC Fiama and MINDS Foundation have partnered to create affordable virtual clinics to cater to the growing gap in mental wellness and give Indians access to subsidised therapy.

This article has been published in partnership with ITC Fiama.

“The lack of certainty about what lies ahead has been a constant source of anxiety for many. Most of my sessions boil down to the same question — ‘What is my future?’” says Soumya Srikumar, a Bengaluru-based medical social worker with over 20 years of experience as a counsellor. 

Srikumar is one of the many mental health professionals who deal with cases on the ground level every single day, and she highlights how this uncertainty stems from experiences of the past and traumas that we haven’t fully recovered from. 

For most of us, there are battles we fight in our heads, but for many, these battles often turn into wars waged against themselves, and into mental health issues that manifest in various ways.  

According to statistics by the World Health Organisation, around 20 per cent of the world’s children and adolescents live with mental health issues.

Similarly, closer home, a study by the National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) revealed that this stigma around mental health inhibits nearly 80 per cent of the population from seeking treatment or therapy, despite being ill for over 12 months.

This growing rise in mental wellbeing problems is accompanied by the stigma associated with the condition. 

This in turn, creates a taboo, preventing people from seeking help.

A barrier growing with time

While statistics are grim, there is hope at the end of the tunnel. 

Over the world, corporates are stepping up to create an environment that is inclusive and supportive, hoping to send out a clear message — it’s okay to not feel okay. 

One such example is ITC Fiama. In a survey conducted by the brand in association with NielsenIQ, it was revealed that work is the biggest cause of stress for millennials, while relationships and breakups are the single largest source of stress for GenZ.

The survey further went on to explore how these factors impact young adults’ abilities to strike a balance. 

A survey by ITC Fiama on mental health, that assesses the factors causing stress in India's youth
A survey by ITC Fiama, Picture credits: ITC Fiama

The struggles of today’s youth 

In today’s world, the survey suggests that work, relationships and social media are the three most challenging areas to juggle. 


While it is common knowledge that work life can be stressful, the dynamics change as we move across generations. 

For instance, GenZ in India, finds that deciding upon a career path is pressurising. On the other hand, millennials who have found their calling and are now trying to balance their work and other aspects of life, politics at the workplace, etc, are fatigued. 


A startling one in three people belonging to the GenZ population feel that their mental well-being is greatly impacted if they break up with their partner or remain in toxic relationships. 

Social media 

In an age where no life update is complete without posting about it on social media, it has started to exhaust generations of people. 

According to the survey, 66 per cent of Gen Zs have decided to stay away from social media for a while, just so they can prioritise their mental health. 

While these results are shocking, Sameer Satpathy, Divisional Chief Executive at ITC, Personal Care Products Business Division, says that they are crucial to getting an understanding of what’s happening. “The survey continues to identify vulnerabilities that cause stress and anxiety in everyday life. Further, the initiative helps foster more conversations and find avenues which can help young adults relieve stress,” he adds. 

Thus, taking the conversation forward, ITC Fiama has partnered with Minds Foundation to create virtual clinics where people can get access to mental health professionals. Register here

A mindful approach to mental wellbeing.

The clinic will be a safe space for people to share their concerns and get help, advice, and comfort from a team of top-notch professionals put together by Minds Foundation. 

In addition to creating an environment where people can share their concerns, what makes the virtual clinic an attractive option is that it is affordable and accessible. 

No longer will the road to feeling better be tough and hard to reach. 

The team of professionals from MINDS Foundation will be consulting at a subsidised fee.  

As for what you can expect in a session, the professionals say it is all about you improving your personal relationships, enhancing problem-solving abilities, making positive changes to problem behaviours, etc. The therapist will work with you to help you find positive solutions to what you are dealing with. 

Sessions will usually be held once a week, and each would range from Rs 300 to Rs 500. 

All you need to do is Feel Good With Fiama and say yes to therapy.

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