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Eco-friendly Decor: How to Make DIY Toran & Diwali Diya From Coconut Shells

Eco-friendly Decor: How to Make DIY Toran & Diwali Diya From Coconut Shells

Home decor influencer Summati, @cozyyylilcorner on Instagram, shares steps to make eco-friendly DIY torans and Diwali diyas from coconut shells.

The festival of lights is around the corner, so naturally, it’s time to get started with the decor. And this year, you can try something different — how about using “waste” items lying around your house? 

Summati (@cozyyylilcorner on Instagram), a content creator of home decor, fashion and lifestyle, has shared a unique DIY idea to craft diyas from coconut shells and toran. 

Coconut shell diya

  • The next time you consume coconut, save the shells. 
  • Remove the coir, and break open the shell, making sure you do so in equal proportion. 
  • To ensure that the shells break neatly in two halves, Summati suggests heating the coconut from a distance over the stove or a candle for about 7-10 minutes. 
  • Clean the shells well, and wrap and paste a jute twine around them. 
  • Use a strong adhesive like araldite to paste the bottoms of the shells together. 
  • Let it dry fully, and then use any decorative pieces to adorn the diya. 
  • Place the wick in the middle of the shell and pour wax around it.
  • Let it cool down, and your own DIY coconut shell diya is ready to be lit.

A pro tip from the creator, “If you don’t have shells, ask your local puja or grocery stores for some. You will get those for free.”

Coconut shell toran

  • Cut the coconut into two equal halves using the methods shown above and clean the outer area by removing the coir. 
  • You can also use sandpaper to soften the outer part.
  • Take a thick string and tie it into the holes atop the shell so the toran can be hung easily. 
  • Use colourful fabrics or torans from last year to stick over the shells, covering the coconut portion completely. 
  • Pick two colours of your choice to maintain a pattern, preferably gold and any other bright colour.
  • You can also decorate the strings of the coconut shell with bracelets, beads, and more. 
  • Cut out a long, thick strip from any old cloth bag and stick rings at the back, from which you will hang your torans. 
  • You can hang your toran at the front door, in the puja room, or whichever corner of your room your heart desires. 

Happy Diwali!

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