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Handmade Pasta to Banana Leaf Biryani: 10 Best Home Kitchens in Bengaluru to Order From

Here are 10 of Bengaluru’s best home kitchens to order from for a wholesome meal.

Handmade Pasta to Banana Leaf Biryani: 10 Best Home Kitchens in Bengaluru to Order From

Be it a Sunday when you’re looking for a place that serves the best brunches or a mundane weekday when you’re looking to have your cuppa with some snacks. Be it a regular work week or the advent of the festive season, you probably love to gorge on specialities.

Whatever your mood or occasion, there’s little doubt that you will find what you’re looking for in Bengaluru’s lanes. 

Anyone who’s lived in the city long enough will swear that the food is an unmissable aspect of their stay. Yes, the swanky restaurants with their bite-sized portions are heaven on a plate, but a bowl of good ol’ curry is like the city embracing you in a tight hug. 

Home kitchens of Bengaluru have taken the culinary scene in the city by storm and we are loving it. Here are a few you absolutely won’t regret trying out. 

1. Curly Sue

Pork, Kerala prawn curry and red rice, a traditional feast served at Curly Sue, Bengaluru
Pork, Kerala prawn curry and red rice, Picture credits: Instagram: Curly Sue

A breakfast of pork sausages and eggs, or a lunch with some vindaloo sounds like a perfect Sunday. At Curly Sue, pork is the star of the kitchen and every dish is made with a culinary finesse that’s hard to find elsewhere. As with these kinds of meals, the recipes and masalas are what set them apart, and rightly so, Curly Sue has generational expertise when it comes to this. 

As the family mentions on their website, “Our masalas are 100 per cent handmade and natural, following a lovingly guarded recipe that has been handed down from the family of our Biddanda grandmother.” 

Place your order here.

2. Tinni Ginni 

Saagwala Murg made with turmeric, cinnamon, garam masala, spinach and pan fried chicken
Saagwala Murg, Picture credits: Instagram: Tinni Ginni

Now that Pujo excitement is high, here’s a place for you to gorge on homemade festive dishes. At Tinni Ginni, a traditional Pujo feast includes dishes such as peyaaj murushi dal, kosha mangsho, phulkopi aloo koraishuti bhaja and kala jaam

The chef Srobona Das combines recipes that she has learnt from her hometown Bengal with ones she has innovated through the years, to produce a delicious affair. 

Place your order here

3. Mother Promise Kitchen 

Shobini Raghavan’s Instagram bio reads that she is the mother of Mother Promise Kitchen. And if you’re ever craving a piece of home, we’d say why not order some of her delicious soul food and satisfy those cravings? 

Among her fiestas are the famous chittu chutney, beef roast, multi kashnam sambar, parippu curry and many other such dishes. 

Place your order here.

4. The Cupcake Connection

Whoever says you need an occasion to eat cake? At The Cupcake Connection, you never do. Whipping up cakes and bakes and putting together lovely hampers, are two friends Nida and Nidhi. 

What’s more is that they have pretty hampers and baskets that you can choose from too, to gift your loved ones. The frosted little delights not only look great but are super affordable too. 

Place your order here.

5. Wullar Kitchen 

rajma chawal, rogan josh rice bowl, chatt ras rice bowl, mutton rogan josh, chilly milly, chicken yakhni
A meat feast, Picture credits: Instagram: Wullar Kitchen

Kashmiri cuisine, a spread of succulent meats marinated with curd and a melange of spices can turn even a simple lunch into a feast. At the Wullar Kitchen, there is always a heavenly aroma wafting through the air and that will surely translate onto your dining table. 

To name a few of the popular dishes from here, there is mutton yakhni, mutton rogan josh, waed prawns, chatt ras rice bowl and more. 

Place orders at 7676392299

6. Say You Made It ‐ Kitchen

Desi murgh ka korma cooked in yoghurt and fried onion
Murgh korma, Picture credits: Instagram: Say You Made It Kitchen

The chef Sahar Adil leaves no stone unturned in making your Sundays blissful with her recipes that come from different regions of India. For all those who have been waiting for some scrumptious mutton, she recently brought back the aafreen mutton nehari dish and her classic Kerala-style stew continues to amass a fan following

Place your order here

7. Rati Dhananjayan 

While there are ample South Indian restaurants in Bengaluru serving an array of delicacies wrapped in banana leaves, what do you do when you crave authentic homely Malabar-style food? 

You reach out to Rati Dhananjayan. In an article for Lifestyle Asia, the owner Dhananjayan was quoted as saying, “I wanted people to experience that ‘naadan’ taste and flavours of home food that my grandma used to prepare when I was young, without any burden of sophistication.”

Place your order here

8. Anurag Arora

Burrata, smoked almonds, sea salt, pepper and good quality olive oil
Burrata, Picture credits: Instagram: Anurag Arora

Somedays you feel like sticking with comfort food while there are days you’re in for some adventure. On days like the latter, how would you like some mushroom burrata or some overnight soaked Japanese bread French toast with whipped vanilla bean mascarpone? Sounds delightful now, doesn’t it? 

Place your order here.

9. Adukkala 108

Venus Menon from Bengaluru, thought why not share her love for ghee roast and payasam with the city? So she went on to start her home cooking venture Adukkala 108. Now people gorge on the delicacies that she learned growing up. 

Place order here: 8296612242

10. Karnivore Kitchen

bowl of pork vindaloo, made with traditional masala and spices
Pork vindaloo, Picture credits: Instagram: Karnivore Kitchen

You can never go wrong with a meaty meal and mutton chops. Chef Kalyan Gopalakrishna brings forth his legacy family recipes in the dishes that he serves at the Karnivore Kitchen. Don’t miss out on the pork ribs and pork belly fry. 

Place your order here

Bookmark these 15 home kitchens in Bengaluru to satiate all your cravings by Ruth Dsouza Prabhu, Published on 23 May 2021.

Edited by Yoshita Rao

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