IIT Professor Has Been Living Out of a Bus For 2 Years & Will Continue for 9 More

IIT Bombay Professor Chetan Solanki startes energy swaraj yatra to popularise solar power

Chetan Solanki, also known as ‘Solar Gandhi’, from Madhya Pradesh is touring the whole country in a solar-powered bus to popularise the importance of unconventional sources of energy.

Barwani-native Chetan Solanki is an IIT graduate, PhD holder and professor of IIT-Bombay. But he likes to be referred to as a climate activist.

It was during his PhD days in Europe that professor Solanki researched more on unconventional sources of energy. Even after returning to India in 2004, he wanted to spread awareness on this topic by doing something interesting.

He thus came up with the idea to live and travel in a makeshift bus all over the country for 11 years to conduct classes and teach people about the significance of sustainable living. The professor is now on unpaid leave holding the ‘Energy Swaraj Yatra’ from 2020 to 2030.

The activist, also known as ‘Solar Gandhi’, is on the move to attain a low carbon footprint life. His vehicle contains a workspace, air-conditioned bedroom, kitchen and a training room and runs on eight solar panels.

He has already conducted 600 sessions about climate change all across the country. 

Additionally, he started a school in a village in Madhya Pradesh which is completely run on solar power. There he taught the villagers to make solar lanterns. 

Watch this climate activist’s green journey here:

Edited by Yoshita Rao 

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