How to Become an ‘Official’ Plant Parent? Kolkata Youth Inspires People to Adopt Plants

Adopt a Tree

Filmmaker Somanth Ghosh runs 'Brikkho Foundation', a unique initiative through which people can adopt plants and plant more trees.

A year ago, while conducting research to shoot a documentary for the forest department, filmmaker Somnath Ghosh realised the decreasing forest cover in India. 

The youngster then decided to plant as many tree saplings as possible. But taking care of each plant became a task and that’s when he came up with a plan to let ‘people adopt plants’. 

The founder-director Somnath describes the foundation as an ‘orphanage home for trees’. 

Brikkho Foundation was thus formed as a community of plant parents and nature lovers. Under the ‘adopt a tree’ initiative, people can select a plant of their choice and name them too. It can be planted on the property of the Brikkho Foundation by paying a small fee. 

Additionally, the plant parents can visit their ‘kids’ anytime based on their schedule.

To date, the foundation has 100 plant parents and more than 105 plants have been grown. 

“It’s rather tragic that we are disregarding our duty towards Mother Earth. The natural refinement of the planet is only possible by the columns of green trees,” reads their website.

Watch to know more about this unique initiative:

Edited by Yoshita Rao