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‘Works Like Magic for Me’: Suniel Shetty’s Productivity Hacks Go Viral on LinkedIn

‘Works Like Magic for Me’: Suniel Shetty’s Productivity Hacks Go Viral on LinkedIn

Going viral on LinkedIn, Suniel Shetty's tried-and-tested productivity hacks are likely to help you get more out of each day.

How does one make the most of 24 hours? Don’t you wish some days were longer than others so you could get things done?

Time management being a crucial skill, various management gurus and CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies often speak about how they wake up at 5 am every morning. They say this helps them get a lot of work done before the rest of the world wakes up.

In a recent LinkedIn post, Suniel Shetty, actor, producer, entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast, spoke about productivity and how to get maximum work done in a day. He says that focusing on an early start, thereafter compartmentalising the work for the day, delegating work and learning not to complain are things that have helped him.

“I spend my mornings doing things that are good for my soul – yoga, chai with Amma, time with the family, and my dogs,” he writes. Staying away from gadgets or screens in the morning has also helped a great deal, he writes. 

“Over the years, this practice has paid rich dividends, and I can’t recommend it enough,” he said.

Suniel Shetty with his mother.
Suniel Shetty with his mother.
Photo Courtesy: LinkedIn

With respect to compartmentalising the day’s work, he notes, “As I grow older, I’m getting greedier – I want to get healthier, I want all my ventures to succeed, I want to collaborate with every interesting person I meet, I want to explore every opportunity that comes my way, and I want to be the best version of myself.” Wanting to do all this and more means that his days are packed and that is when breaking his time up into smaller compartments comes in handy.

He writes about the importance of giving your 100 per cent time to what you are currently engaged in. “As the demands on your time grow, this is the most efficient way to operate,” he writes.

Speaking about the importance of delegating he notes, “Don’t be afraid to delegate. You should be in charge of the big picture – that’s your end game.” Understanding that you cannot play all parts is important. Delegation, therefore, becomes a smart way of getting things done in the long run.

Learning to adapt to different situations is yet another important point that Suniel writes about.

Suniel Shetty working out.
Suniel Shetty on working out.
Photo Courtesy: LinkedIn

There will come situations that are beyond one’s control and instead of letting them put you off, he suggests working around it to find the best viable solution. Citing an example of Mumbai traffic, he notes, “On average, I spend over two hours a day in my car, sometimes three. Frustrating as it can be, I’ve built a routine around using that time, to do most of my calls for the day. Without any distractions, if I may add!”

In conclusion, he says there is a lot of wisdom in switching off every now and then. He writes, “Take that five-minute break! Do something you enjoy. Call a friend. Read something. Take a walk around the office. Drink a bottle of water. Anything, that will take your mind off the tasks on hand.”

Read the full post here.

(Edited by Yoshita Rao)

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