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This Entrepreneur’s Unique Kit Converts Any Bicycle Into an EV in 20 Minutes

This Entrepreneur’s Unique Kit Converts Any Bicycle Into an EV in 20 Minutes

This innovation by Gursaurabh Singh could impact the lives of 8 crore Indians who commute on cycles, and has the potential to open up the electric vehicle sector for India’s masses.

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India’s startup sector now has another invention in its pocket — a one-of-a-kind kit that can convert any bicycle into a motorised and battery-powered electric vehicle (EV). Designed by Delhi-based Gursaurabh Singh, this kit can be bolted onto any bicycle and turn it electric in just 20 minutes.

Eight crore Indians today use cycles and rickshaws to travel. Gursaurabh’s DVECK (Dhruv Vidyut Electric Conversion Kit) is compatible with every one of them. It has been inspired by the idea of retrofitting, where existing vehicles can be converted into electric ones by altering the motor. DVECK fits like a glove and does not require any cutting, moulding, or fabrication.

Gursaurabh hails from Haryana’s Hisar, and it is the problem of mobility in his village that inspired him to design the kit. “Children in my village refused to go to school citing distance as the reason. When the pandemic broke out, I realised that being on foot restricts your world to just 4-5 Km maximum.” He believes that his solution to the problem of mobility can drive a change in health, education, and the agricultural sectors besides promoting clean energy.

Talking about his village, Gursaurabh added, “Every home in my village has a solar panel. Rural India today knows more about sustainability than urban India. Many might buy an EV as a statement, but it is the hinterland population that knows how to utilise it best.” He further explained that even today, rural belts of north India have the highest ownership of electric two-wheelers. This is because it solves most of their problems; the speed isn’t too high, they don’t have to bear the cost of petrol or annual servicing, and women and children can drive the vehicle with ease.

Gursaurabh has a degree in English Literature and has briefly studied retro-fitting. Before setting up Dhruv Vidyut, he worked in manufacturing and experimented with film-making. He began working on the kit during the pandemic, which he feels highlighted the problem of mobility. “Working in different fields allowed me to approach this as a passion. DVECK has been designed as a work of art,” Gursaurabh added.

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The kit enhances the features of a bicycle or rickshaw by giving it a speed of 25 kph, a weight capacity of 170 kilograms, and a range of 40 kilometres per charge. DVECK is fireproof and waterproof and also provides a charging port that can charge the phone battery up to 50 per cent with 20 minutes of pedalling.

The kit first came to light in February this year when Anand Mahindra shared a video on Twitter. Gursaurabh can be seen explaining the details of his kit in the video.

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Ever since many have been waiting for the kit to enter the market.

“I never imagined our video to go viral. We simply made it as part of our portfolio, to share with clients, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive,” Gursaurabh said. His video has crossed over two lakh views on YouTube.

Gursaurabh’s invention is unique because it opens the EV sector to India’s masses. About 58 per cent of India’s population travel on cycles and rickshaws. Gursaurabh’s kit grants the possibility of making transport sustainable and accessible for all sections of India’s population. While EVs have long been thought of as the domain of the rich, the DVECK makes it approachable for the common man. “I hope to put smiles on the faces of 8 crore Indians with this kit,” Gursaurabh said, adding that he hopes for people to switch from petrol/diesel vehicles to DVECK-powered cycles in a bid to reduce air pollution. Emissions from petrol and diesel vehicles make up half of Delhi’s air pollution, as per a 2021 study.

While the kit is not available for the public yet, Gursaurabh hopes to have it in the market soon.

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Gursaurabh with the innovation.

He hopes to reach every corner of the country with his kit and said he is open to sharing his patent if someone else can reach the goal faster. The company, Dhruv Vidyut, is planning a tentative pilot launch before August 15, 2022. As for the price, Gursaurabh said, “While the price is still in five digits, we are trying our best to bring it down to four digits.” 

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This invention converts any cycle into an electric cycle in minutes by Dhruv Vidyut 

Vehicles biggest contributor to air pollution published on 12 November 2021 by Livemint

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